Zero to ATPL - July 7th 2021

Would you like to become a professional Pilot? Apply for Ab Initio Zero to ATPL cousre and make your dreams come true

The Zero to ATPL training program is the leading Ab Initio flight training program, where you can start the training without any prior experience, earning your Frozen ATPL and graduate in 18 months. All theoretical and practical training, resources and services needed to meet your goal are included in one program, for a fixed price, with no hidden costs!

Aviation Career Center pilot training methodology is airline-oriented, total immersion training with constant focus on safety, standardization, and professionalism. This airline-oriented training sets the focus on how the training is performed from day one and will prepare you for your success as an airline pilot.

With modern facilities, a cutting-edge fleet of 4 brand new aircraft and 1 simulator, professional and airline experienced aviation personnel and instructors, very convenient accommodation solution and training on an international airport with constant Air Traffic Control communication and Controlled airspace, as well as Airbus A320 Family type rating training provider, Aviation Career Center is the ultimate pilot training partner in this part of Europe.

You will complete the training with a higher level of qualifications and experience, opening unlimited career opportunities. Aviation Career Center students after finishing the training are quickly employed, as they are from the very beginning of the training, surrounded by international and multicultural environment.


- EASA Ab Initio (Zero to ATPL) training programme with 20% more flying hour than EASA minimum requirement

- Competency-based training & assessment programme from Day 1: prioritising the development and assessment of the fundamental pilot competencies

- Course designed and performed by airline instructors, to produce airline ready pilots: for smooth integration from the training environment to the operational environment

- Optimised training curriculum to provide progressive cost-effective training for the individual to maximize the development of each pilot’s competencies

- Up-to-date programmes to latest fleet & regulatory standards


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