Next ''Ab-initio'' Zero to ATPL EASA Full Pilot training

''Ab-initio'' Zero to ATPL

''Ab-initio'' Zero to ATPL EASA Full Pilot training

The Training starts with PPL theory.

The theoretical course of PPL will take 4-5 weeks (100 hours - 50 over CBT and 50 hours in our classrooms).

After completed PPL theory, the students will proceed to the practical part of PPL(A) flying on PS-28 Cruiser or similar aircraft (min. 45 hrs) and the skill test.

With acquired PPL licence they will join the ATPL theory, and in the meantime complete their solo Hour Building (acquiring PIC flight time)

The training will afterwards continue with IR/SE, MEP and IR/ME ratings and CPL - Commercial Pilot training.

At the end of the training, which will take up to 18 months in total, the students will become Commercial Pilots with ATPL credit.

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