Airbus A320 Type Rating Training APRIL 2018

Type Rating training, for one of the industry’s most advanced commercial airliner. Finish the course in 5 weeks and become EASA Airbus A320 Pilot. 

Training includes a licence for Airbus A320 and Base training.


  • 70 hours as a pilot-in-command of airplanes
  • Valid ME, IR (multi-engine, instrument rating)
  • Valid CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • MCC certificate of completion
  • English level 4 according to ICAO requirements

Ground phase:

  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • CBT for the FMS;
  • A mock-up of the flight deck;
  • Classroom Instruction, practical training and examinations;
  • Limitations;
  • Mass & Balance Calculations;
  • Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) Performance (Tables);
  • Operational Procedure Training;

Flight phase:


  • Full Flight Simulator training – 36 hours
  • Skill test – 4 hours
  • Base Training

Package Content

  • A320 type rating training (4 weeks of ground course and 36 hours in FFS)
  • Base Training (1 day)


  • MCC course could be integrated into the Type Rating training programme

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