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The Faculty of Organizational Sciences is a founding member of the University of Maribor. It has been involved in research and education about the organizational and informational sciences for more than 50 years. Throughout this period, the Faculty has taught more than 18.000 graduates who have pursued employment in different positions in the manufacturing and service industries as well as governmental and educational institutions.

In Slovenia, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences is the leading higher education institution in the field of organization and management. Modern infrastructure and cutting-edge information technology provide excellent conditions for studies. The Faculty of Organizational Sciences is located in Kranj, the economic, traffic, commercial, cultural, and educational centre of Gorenjska region.

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences provides Bologna programmes of Organization and Management of Information Systems, Organization and Management of Human Resource and Educational Systems, and Enterprise Engineering – key areas of every organization. Furthermore, it offers joint postgraduate study programme of Management in Health and Social Welfare in cooperation with the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maribor. In addition, the Faculty is presently developing two new undergraduate study programs – Management in sport and Crisis management. The first one is currently under assessment by the National Agency for the Quality of Higher Education – NAKVIS, the second one is being prepared together with the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. 

In 2009, the University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences became an accredited member of the European Council for Business Education (ECBE). Since then all Master's study programmes have been accredited by ECBE. The ECBE's mission is to support higher education institutions and professional training organizations in addition to developing outstanding, innovative programmes, which help students develop their skills, knowledge, and experience to succeed in today's dynamic global economy.

Finally, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences has a wide range of experiences from many EU, national, and industry projects. It is also active in regional development initiatives, such as Living Labs, and cross-border cooperation. By the same token, the Faculty strives to enhance its internationally renowned reputation by establishing connections with numerous institutes, faculties, and universities around the world. Bilateral cooperation exist in several forms, including the exchange of higher education professors, participation in various projects, and student exchange.

More information: Promo video of University of Maribor - FOV; FOV youtube chanel; web



The opening of the international airport in Maribor reaches in May, 1976. The airport is located near the city of Maribor, 29 kilometers away from the Austrian border, and is situated halfway between Vienna and Trieste. It has good road connections, as it lies directly along the highway, in the vicinity running the railway. Aerodrom Maribor is the second largest airport in Slovenia and only airport with updated infrastructure – new terminal, service objects and new equipment.


Excellent geo-strategic position,  which lies  at the intersection of V. and X. European transport corridor (Middle Europe),

Connection to the highway, with a  possibility of railway connection,

Intertwined with the tourist region (80% of Spas and 60% of all touristic capacities),

Region of Maribor (second biggest city in Slovenia) 330.000 residents,

Radius of 200 km has 4 million people,

Just a step away in city of Maribor you can admire the oldest vine in the world,or visit Golden fox event.


Fully equipped airport,

No slots,

Ideal weather conditions,

No take off queues,

Low rates,

Good geographical location,

Versatile touristic offer nearby,

Many years of experience (more than 40 years).

Airport technical data


Runway: 2500 m × 45 m

Airport reference point:

46 28 47.50 N, 015 41 10.07 E

Fuel: 100 LL, JET A-1

Class of airport: 4C, ILS category I., rescue and  firefighting category up to and including CAT VI; O/R facilities for CAT IX, 24H prior to the flight

Night operations are possible


Airport apron: 460 m x 130 m accommodate 6 aircrafts A/C type A-320, B-737,

Passenger terminal:  8.500 m²,

Cargo terminal: up to 50.000 kg per day,

Capacity of new passenger  terminal: 600.000 passenger /year,

Storage capacity: 2000 m²,

Ramp capacity: 6 B-737, A-320/321

Parking: 600 parking spaces for vehicles and buses.



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Kočevar Ferdo d.o.o. as a maintenance organisation in compliance with Section A of Annex II (Part-145) of Regulation (EC) No.:2042/2003, approved to maintain products, parts and appliances listed in the attached approval schedule and issue related certificates of release to service using the above references.

Part-147 training aircraft mechanics. Specialisation: airplane with a weight of up to 5700 kg, piston / turbine engines.