Organization Modeling

Seemingly, every day a new management philosophy is introduced: business engineering, total quality management, organizational learning, culture change, knowledge management, and so on. Management is confronted with new ideas, but has no organizational framework in which they may be neatly placed and integrated. Furthermore, the failure of traditional IT frameworks has created the impression among senior managers that modeling, and to some extent architecture, does not deliver value to organizations.

The missing ingredient in all this is a well-defined, yet practical framework by which the organization may be designed and changed. Such a framework is much more than the picturesque presentations that have become the trademark of modern management. And it is certainly not another IT enterprise model. But then, what constitutes such a framework? Can it be made convenient, suitable, and effective? Successful organizations are driven by a consistent set of principles and constructs—organizational pieces, their interconnections, and their behaviors that collectively may be thought of as organizational architecture. Effective organizations are characterized by an ability to understand, interrelate, and leverage each of these pieces.

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