Manual development and revision

Manuals are developed to help staff and management teams run the organization. In best use situations, policies play a strategic role in an organization. They are developed in light of the mission and objectives of the company and they become the media by which management’s plans, rules, intents, and business processes become documented and communicated to all staff. Carefully drafted and standardized policies and procedures save the company countless hours of management time. The consistent use and interpretation of such policies, in an evenhanded and fair manner, reduces management's concern about legal issues becoming legal problems.

As a company’s policies are developed they become a framework for consistency and fairness. Polices define management's standards for making decisions on various personnel and organizational issues. Clearly defined procedures and standards, spawned from polices that are well thought out, express the company's intent to make consistent and evenhanded decisions.

Our highly competent experts can help you in drafting, development or revision of operation, training, quality, compliance, safety or integrated management system manuals.

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